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ACS is proud to now be able to offer AVG Antivirus to our customers. AVG is an Award-winning AntiVirus that detects, blocks, and removes viruses and malware from your PCs and servers.


How does this benefit you?


Automatic updates and upgrades

Ensure that your protection is always up-to-date. Real-time updates, upgrades, and even uninstalls are automatically pushed to your computer so there’s no need to waste time with manual checks.


Protects while browsing
AVG AntiVirus works with any web browser to check files before they’re downloaded and to scan URLs to protect you while searching, shopping, and banking online.

Verifies links before you click
Actively checks web links before it’s clicked to prevent you from visiting malicious websites. Also provides automatic, real-time scans of any links exchanged on Facebook®, Twitter®, or Skype®.

Blocks hackers
Our firewall works on both wired and wireless networks to protect your data and prevent malware from taking over your PCs. With inbound and outbound port and application protection, your computer is always protected.

Scans without distractions
AVG Smart Scanning reduces distractions. Scans run only when you are not using you PC, and switch to low-priority mode while they’re working.

Protects identity
If you shop online, we’ll warn you when we detect any potentially dangerous software trying to steal your passwords or credit card numbers.

Give us a call today for more information! 

Digital Phone Systems

vvx-500-lg-aCommunication is the most important aspect of your business, it connects you with your customers. Advanced Computer Solutions offers a digital phone system that not only saves you money on your monthly bills, but adds functionality that you won't believe you lived without before. 

The most attractive feature of our phone systems is the cost-saving potential. Instead of your calls being processed over commercial telecommunications lines, your voice traffic will travel over the internet. Resulting from this, the only cost that you will have when using it is the monthly bill to your provider. Absolutely no paying for each minute you spend on the phone, or for international calls. 

Another feature that our customers highly enjoy are conference calls. You can set up a call with an entire team, and communicate with them in real time. More calls can be handled on one line with our phone systems compared to analog phone lines. You can also connect multiple facilities together under one phone bill, with no additional cost. Easily communicate with multiple facilities miles away from the other, allowing you to keep your business connected together as one to ensure outstanding communication and customer satisfaction.

Our phone systems allow you to benefit from their abundant features which can make your call experiences rich and sophisticated, as you are better equipped for call management throughout your entire business. Features include Caller ID, Voicemail, Unlimited Phone Numbers, Call Waiting, Long Distance, and more. Now the best part, all these features are INCLUDED for free, plus no call metering. Now, also keep in mind that this phone system saves you money; meaning 9 out of 10 times, your bill ends up being cheaper than what you paid before for analog.

The most popular advantage is HD Voice. Your phone calls will never be the same again with High Definition Voice. With our phone systems, you can experience crisp, clear high definition audio superior to normal calling. They offer call quality that has to be heard to be believed, you surely won't be disappointed. 

Let us put our solutions to work for you. We are sure that your business will not only save money from our systems but also benefit from it through communication. Give us a call today for a free consultation at your business location. 


Home/Office Cabling

Video, Voice & Data all require strict transmission methods. Proper cabling and terminations are essential for your home or office. Advanced Computer Solutions offers the following services to Business & Home users:

  • CAT5 Cabling for Data & Voice
  • CAT6 Cabling for Data intensive environments
  • Coaxial (RG6) Cabling for Satellite Television, Cable Television & Cable Internet Distribution
  • Fiber Optical Runs & Terminations for high-bandwidth interconnects
  • Wall Plates with Keystone Jacks for Coax, RJ11 (Telephones, Fax Machines), RJ59 (Data, Telephone)

Our technicians are all Tyco Certified for on-premises cabling.

We can build a custom solution to suit your needs. Give us a call today.


Off-Site Backup

Never worry about losing data again from a hardware or software failure. Off-Site backup from Advanced Computer Solutions SECURELY sends a copy of your important files to our in-store backup server.

  • Secure

                 All backup data is transmitted over a secure industry-standard AES256 connection. All off-site backups are monitored on a daily basis to ensure reliability.

  • Quiet

                 Backups can be throttled down during peak business hours so they DO NOT affect connectivity while you work.

  • Local

                 In the event of a failure, pick your data up at our LOCAL retail location.

  • Fast Reponse

                 Initial backups are taken on-site and seeded into the backup server. No need for us to mail the initial backup off to a remote location, SAVING WEEKS of time!

As low as $300 a year!

Give us a call today for more information. 814-834-1555


Business Solutions

Let Advanced Computer Solutions be your on-call IT support desk. We have the components and knowledge on-hand to keep your IT operations in check.

Business Solutions Include:

  • 24/7 On-Call Emergency Service
  • Remote Support for quick resolution of minor issues
  • Website Design & Hosting (Read More...)
    • Search Engine Optimization, Professional Analytic Data, Social Media Outreach & More
  • Email Address Hosting
  • Active Directory & File Sharing Deployment
  • Server Installations & Routine Maintenance
  • Premises Cabling, Patch Panel Installation
  • Off-site Data Backup
  • IP-Based Phone System Installations (Extensions, IVR, Custom Routes & More) (Read More...)
  • IP-Based Surveillance System Installations (Read More...)

Call today and see how we can put our services to work for your business or organization.

Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with us.

Gantry Framework


The Gantry Framework operates at the template core, providing all the base features and functionality. Prominent features include the extensive and user friendly template interface, plus mobile modes for iPhone and Android.

Core Features

  • 6 Preset Styles
  • 78 Module Positions
  • 54 Module Variations
  • FF, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE7+ Compatible
  • Fusion & SplitMenu
  • RocketTheme Addons
  • Custom Typography
  • RTL Support
  • W3C XHTML/CSS Valid

RokGallery Support

RokGallery is an advanced Gallery extension, built on an intuitive custom tag architecture.

Read More

Gantry Features

  • 960 Grid System
  • Ajax Article Loading
  • Image Smart Loading
  • Extensive & Intuitive User Interface
  • Per-Menu Control
  • Per Browser CSS/JS
  • iPhone Mobile Theme
  • Tableless Overrides

Mobile Viewing

Support for the iPhone and Android platforms, with template specific theming.

Further Details

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78 Module Positions

tutorial Distributed mainly in grid rows, allowing for easy, flexible and individual layouts.

Fusion with MegaMenu

tutorial A javascript enhanced CSS dropdown, with advanced features such as inline menu icons.

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Adobe® PNG Sources

tutorial Edit the logo and other image elements with ease using the PNG source files provided.